Personal Profile

The architectural program I attended at the University of Waterloo offered the unique opportunity of a co-operative work environment; that is, alternating between four months of school and four months of related work experience. This program allowed me to work at a few different architecture offices in Western Canada to find my niche in the design field.

From 1998-2001, I was the design manager for a large local home-builder in Red Deer, while maintaining my business on a scaled-down part-time basis. However, I had always wanted to run my own residential design company full-time, and finally seized the opportunity in 2001.

I have designed a variety of different houses using the design techniques I learned while studying some of the great architects of the past century, Frank Lloyd Wright being my most obvious influence. I have had the opportunity to employ different construction techniques and new design ideas to create custom home plans for over 1000 clients and builders in Central Alberta and beyond. Not many designers can boast an architectural degree, quick computer skills and residential construction experience, which is what I believe makes me very unique as a home designer.


Company History

DPdesign Inc. was founded in 1994, while I was studying architecture at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. During a summer work placement, my father brought home a napkin with a crude sketch of a house for a friend of his. A few days later, the home plans were completed and DPdesign Inc. became a reality.

We have had the opportunity to design for several leading builders in the Central Alberta area, as well as numerous individual clients, totaling well over 1000 plans produced. DPdesign Inc. combines creative design skills with the latest in construction technology to develop cutting-edge and unique designs, whether compact and practical layouts for the first-time homebuyer, custom plans for the growing family and showhomes for the large-scale building company.

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